Trains can be so much more than bringing people from A to B. It’s about the journey, the stories, the people, the destinations. The Trains Lifestyle is what Trains Plus is all about. Reimagine trains, stations, and rail journeys.

When Trains Mean More

At Trains Plus, we bring out the Trains Lifestyle with unique stories, little-known secrets, train personalities, history, geography, trade, shopping, the environment, tourism, and more. It’s as our name says: Trains Plus. We are a new, one-of-a-kind site and site network centred on the train and all that it might mean.

What’s part of Trains Plus today

Trains Plus believes in a media-rich experience in the Trains Lifestyle. Text on its own is boring. If you can do audio, do video. Trains that are 280 metres in length in real life should also be 280 characters per tweet. We’ve taken the 19th century invention into the 21st century.

The Podcast

The podcast brings you an approximate 30-minute roundup of the trains news and commentary that matter, and brings the trains world to your ears. Maybe you’ll discover your next destination by rail whilst listening to our podcast on the metro! Our podcast is hosted by Anchor.fm and available through many channels, including via iTunes.

The Premium Blog

Not all blogs are alike. And not all blogs should be “merely informational”. Hosted on Medium, Trains Plus More is the Premium blog to the collection. You might have to pay to read, but your reward will be fully original, exclusive content never published before, about rail stories only few have heard of. It’s like a good book, and you won’t have to risk heavy baggage fees for carrying too many of them.

What’s to come…

Trains Plus is an open-ended project. Whilst we don’t aim to be “everything, everywhere”, we want to be part of the rail stories as they evolve and happen. So where’s what you can expect from us in the next few weeks…

Twitter Feed

NEARING COMPLETION | Ready by 03 April 2019 »
The Twitter feed will mostly be facts and experiences-oriented. It’s an ideal feed to follow, more like an oasis in the desert of “loud, hard news”. It will feature interaction, quizzes, polls, links, and short clips (<15 seconds). There will also be some livestreaming.

Facebook Page

NEARING COMPLETION | Ready by 03 April 2019 »
The Facebook page will be an interactive hub of panorama and 360° clips, links to other railway articles of interest to the audience, and where you can discover our events and others in the rail world.

Instagram Feed

NEARING COMPLETION | Ready by 05 April 2019 »
An all-images feed of everything railway related. We don’t promise to bring out the absolute-most beautiful trains or train crew, but we promise pictures you don’t see every day, and of course, about trains.

YouTube Channel

IN THE WORKS | Ready by late April 2019 »
You’ll be able to, starting late April 2019, find one more YouTube channel about trains. This time, it’s about trains people, trains hardware, trains stations (sic), and trains stories. We promise not to make it boring!


All Onboard, Please!

It’s still early days here at Trains Plus but it’s never too early to start (unlike train departures in the real world).

And there are moments when you think life should be more than taking a train merely to get from A to B, like everyone else…

Trains Plus Network coming soon

In spring 2019 the Trains Plus Network will be formed, comprising websites taking you further. Integration between the different sites and platforms will continue. By late 2020, the entire network integration process will have been complete.

Tracking China

Launched in 2012, Tracking China takes a look at the rail world in China, and also has a full, comprehensive guide to city metro systems.

Next Station: China

An ongoing video and documentary on discovering China through all the stations on the national rail network.